2017 Apr 21

Universals: Roger Levy (MIT)


Boylston Hall Room 105
4:00pm to 5:30pm

Title:  Probabilistic models of human language comprehension: surprisal theory, and the noisy channel


2016 May 02

Indo-European: Kazuhiko Yoshida (Kyoto University)


Boylston Hall 335
5:00pm to 6:30pm

Hittite aušta and maušta

Abstract: Jay Jasanoff (2003:178-8) proposes that the Hittite 3 sg. preterite naiš ‘led’ is derived from an aorist *nḗiH-s-t in a PIE presigmatic paradigm, which replaced a PIE h2e- conjugation root aorist *nóiH-e. On the other hand, aušta ‘saw’ and maušta ‘fell’ did not lose the final *-t, but preserved it by attachment of a final prop vowel a. Crucial to this development was the synchronic reanalysis of the 3 sg. preterites *aušt...

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