Week of February 11


Shannon Bryant

"(Non-)Complementation in West-Central Oromo"

Tuesday, February 11 | 12pm | Boylston 303



Language Universals Workshop 

Alexander Rush (Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences)

Title: "Controllable Text Generation"

Friday, February 15 | 3:30-5pm | Sever Hall 206


Harvard at ECO-5

Yuhan Zhang, Julia Sturm, and Deniz Satik presented at ECO-5 on Saturday, February 9 at the University of Maryland.

  • Yuhan Zhang presented: "Online processing of Mandarin Classifier and Noun-Noun Compound"
  • Julia Sturm presented: "Phonological change and analogical remodeling in Greek nasal presents"
  • Deniz Satik presented: "Control is not raising: evidence from overt split control in Ewe"