Fall 2017 

Class Instructor Day & Time Location
Ling 73a: Beginning American Sign Language I K. Davidson/A. Bottoms T/Th 4-5:30 tba
Ling 73c: Beginning American Sign Language III K. Davidson/A. Bottoms M/W 4-5:30 tba
Ling 83: Language, Structure & Cognition K. Davidson M/W 10-11 tba
Ling 102: Sentence Structure S. Syed T/Th 11-12 tba
Ling 104: Word Structure S. Hoefler T/Th 12-1 Boylston 303
Ling 108: Introduction to Historical Linguistics J. Rau M/W 11-12 Boylston 303
Ling 112: Syntactic Theory I S. Syed W 1-3 tba
Ling 115: Phonological Theory I K. Ryan M 1-3 tba
Ling 116: Semantic Theory I K. Davidson T 1-3 Boylston 303
Ling 200: Second Language Acquisition J. Liu Th 2:15-4:15 tba
Ling 220ar: Advanced Indo-European J. Jasanoff Th 3-5 Boylston 303
Ling 236: Probabilistic Understanding of Language G. Scontras/G. Chierchia Th 1-3 tba
Ling 241r: Practicum in Linguistics K. Ryan W 3-5 Boylston 303
Fr Seminar 34X: Language and Prehistory J. Jasanoff M 2-5 Boylston 303
Fr Seminar 61Q: Origins of Meaning G. Chierchia W 1-3 Boylston 303

Spring 2018 - Coming Soon

Class Instructor Day & Time Location