Fall 2019

Class Instructor Day & Time Location
Ling 73a: Beginning American Sign Language I A. Bottoms  TBA  
Ling 73c: Beginning American Sign Language III A. Bottoms TBA  
Ling 83: Language, Structure & Cognition K. Davidson  TBA  
Ling 102: Sentence Structure I. Charnavel TBA  
Ling 104: Word Structure J. Bobaljik TBA  
Ling 105: Sounds of Language K. Ryan TBA  
Ling 112: Syntactic Theory I C.-T. J Huang TBA  
Ling 115: Phonological Theory K. Ryan TBA  
Ling 116: Semantic Theory I U. Sauerland  TBA  
Ling 123: Intermediate Indo-European J. Jasanoff  TBA  
Ling 143: Morphosemantics J. Bobaljik/U. Sauerland  TBA  
Ling 173: Structure of the Japanese Language W. Jacobsen TBA  
Ling 221r: Workshop in Indo-European J. Rau  TBA  
Ling 241: Practicum in Linguistics I. Charnavel  TBA  
Ling 250: Old Church Slavonic M. Flier  TBA  
Fr Seminar 34x: Lanuage and Prehistory J. Jasanoff  TBA  

Spring 2020

Class Instructor Day & Time Location