Spring 2017 

ClassInstructorDay & TimeLocation
Ling 73b: Beginning American Sign Language IIK. Davidson/A. BottomsT/Th 4-5:30Boylston 105
Ling 101: Science of LanguageI. CharnavelM/W 11-12Sever 110
Ling 104: Word StructureY. XiangT/Th 10-11Boylston 303
Ling 106: Knowledge of MeaningY. XiangM/W 12-1Boylston 104
Ling 107: Introduction to Indo-EuropeanJ. JasanoffM/W 10-11

Fong Aud./Boylston

Ling 117r: Linguistic Field MethodsJ. van der WalW 1-3Boylston 303
Ling 132: PsychosemanticsK. DavidsonM 1-3Boylston 335
Ling 156: Structure of BantuJ. van der WalM 11-1Boylston 303

Ling 176: History and Prehistory of Japanese

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W. JacobsenM 3-5Northwest Labs B107
Ling 204r: Topics in SyntaxC.-T. J. HuangM 3-5Boylston 303

Ling 207r: Topics in Semantics

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G. Chierchia/I. HeimTh 2-5Emerson 106
Ling 212: Syntactic Theory III. CharnavelW 3-5Boylston 303
Ling 215: Phonological Theory IIA. NazarovTh 11-1Boylston 303
Ling 216: Semantic Theory IIG. ChierchiaT 1-3Boylston 303

Ling 219r: Advanced Phonology

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A. NazarovT 11-1Boylston 303
Ling 221r: Workshop in Indo-EuropeanJ. JasanoffM 4-6Boylston 237
Ling 252: Comparative Slavic LinguisticsM. FlierM 2-4Barker 373

Fall 2016

ClassInstructorDay & TimeLocation
EMR11: Making Sense: Language, Logic  & Interpretation

G. Chierchia/V. Greene/S.Shieber

M/W 1-2:30Sever 110
Ling 73a: Beginning American Sign Language IK. Davidson/A. BottomsT/Th 4-5:30Boylston 103
Ling 83: Language, Structure & CognitionK. DavidsonM/W 11-12Emerson 305
Ling 102: Sentence StructureJ. van der WalM/W 10–11Boylston 105
Ling 105: Sounds of LanguageA. NazarovT/Th 10-11Emerson 108
Ling 112: Syntactic Theory IC.-T. J. HuangM 3–5Boylston 303
Ling 115: Phonological Theory IA. NazarovTh 1–3Boylston 303
Ling 116: Semantic Theory IK. DavidsonT 1–3Boylston 303
Ling 123: Intermediate Indo-EuropeanJ. JasanoffT/Th 11-12Boylston 303
Ling 147: Semantics of QuestionsY. XiangTh 3-5Boylston G07
Ling 148: Language UniversalsJ. van der WalW 1-3Emerson 104
Ling 171: Structure of ChineseC.-T. J. HuangW 1-3Boylston 303
Ling 200: Second Language AcquisitionJ. LiuTh 2:15-4:15Sci Ctr 418D
Ling 205r: Syntax-Semantics InterfaceI. CharnavelM 1-3Boylston 303
Ling 221r: Workshop in Indo-EuropeanJ. RauM/W 12-1Boylston 303
Ling 220ar: Advanced Indo-EuropeanJ. JasanoffTh 3-5Boylston 303
Ling 241r:  Practicum in LinguisticsI. CharnavelW 3-5Boylston 303
Ling 250: Old Church SlavonicM. FlierT/Th 10-11:30Barker 373