Departmental Writing Fellow

Joshua Martin, Departmental Writing Fellow

Joshua Martin

Supported by the Harvard College Writing Program, the Departmental Writing Fellow is a resource for linguistics students who want to work on any form of academic writing related to linguistics. If you want help editing a paper draft, writing an abstract for a conference, figuring out how to present information in the conventions of the field, writing in English as a second language, or any other writing-related topic, the Writing Fellow is available to answer these questions, go over your work with you, or find the right resources to help.

I hold regular appointment-only office hours on Wednesdays from 3:00-5:00 pm, which you can sign up for here or email me to schedule an appointment if those times do not work for you. Please sign up for your appointment before the day of the meeting. If you would like to go over a specific piece of your writing, please email me your draft (in whichever stage of completion you have it) by 8:00 am the morning of your appointment, along with a brief description of what the draft is for, what its main argument is meant to be, and any specific problems or questions you’d like me to focus on while reading it so that we can address them together. Page count in linguistics is rarely a useful way to measure how long it takes to read something, but please try to keep the section you’re asking me to read to a reasonable length; if you’d like to go over a longer work, we can absolutely do so, but over multiple meetings.

If you are a senior thesis writer, then we are already in touch through Linguistics 99a, and my office hours for one-on-one meetings with thesis writers are on Thursdays from 3:00-5:00 pm, or by appointment. 

I also organize group writing workshops such as collective writing sessions for accountability and abstract review workshops, which department members will receive emails about when they happen! If you have a suggestion for a workshop or any other topic you think it would be helpful, please email me.