Week of September 24, 2018

Sturm, Gonzalez, Bottoms, and Borise awarded Bok Center Certificate of Distinction in Teaching

Preceptor Andrew Bottoms and graduate students Julia Sturm, Aurore Gonzalez, and Lena Borise have been awarded Harvard Distinction Teaching Awards from The Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning for the following Spring 2018 courses:

  • Julia Sturm: Ling 105 "Sounds of Language"
  • Andrew Bottoms: Ling 73B "Beginning American Sign Language II" and Ling 73D "Beginning American Sign Language IV"
  • Aurore Gonzalez: Ling 106 "Knowledge of Meaning"
  • Lena Borise: Ling 97R "Prosody and the Syntax-Prosody Interface"


Meaning and Modality Lab Meeting

Aurore Gonzalez, Kate Henninger, and Kate Davidson will be presenting "Answering negative questions in American Sign Language," a practice talk for NELS 49, this Friday, September 28 at 12:00-1:30 pm for the Meaning and Modality Lab meeting. Location: 2 Arrow St, Room 420.