Week of April 19


Language Universals Workshop 

Judith Tonhauser (University of Stuttgart)

"Projection variability in English and Paraguayan Guarani"

Friday, April 23 | 12:00-1:30 PM | Check email for Zoom link


Harvard at GLOW

The following members of our department presented at GLOW 44, held online April 15-17, 2021.

  • Deniz Satik: “A reanalysis of the de re blocking effect”
  • Tamisha L. Tan:  “‘Having’ and ‘Being’ ma-: Athematic Licensing and the Balinese Middle Voice”


  • Lena Borise (PhD '19): “Acoustic correlates of stress in Udmurt verbs: variation and theoretical implications”, joint work with Ekaterina Georgieva
  • Aurore Gonzalez (PhD '20): “Two types of presuppositions in polar questions”
  • Dora Mihoc (PhD '19):  “Aspectual operators and polarity sensitivity”


Rabinovitch blog published

Jack Rabinovitch's blogpost titled "An exploration of "knowing" in Manchu" was recently featured in the blog for the Manchu Studies Group, a professional organization promoting study of the Manchu language.