Week of April 23rd

Mind Brain Behavior Poster Showcase

The 2018 Mind Brain Behavior Poster Showcase will be held Monday, April 23rd, at 4pm in the William James Hall library (first floor of William James Hall, 33 Kirkland St., Cambridge). The following Linguistics Department students and faculty will be featured:

  • Dorothy Ahn and Kathryn Davidson: "Where pointing matters: English and Korean demonstratives"
  • Gašper Beguš: "Influences of transmission and learnability on human speech"
  • Lena Borise: "Prosodic marking of the fixed focus position in Georgian"
  • Jerry Nelluvelil: "All for one and some for all? Using EEG and the N400 response to track online scalar implicature calculations in adults"

Senior Thesis Colloquium

The department's annual senior thesis colloquium will be held on Thursday, April 26th, at 2:30 pm in Boylston 105. The following papers will be presented:

  • Anna Alsop: "An experimental investigation of modification and pragmatic contrast in English and Japanese"
  • Jerry Nelluvelil: "All for one and some for all? Using EEG and the N400 response to track online scalar implicature calculation in adults"
  • Rachel Silverstein: "Gothic voice and the linguistic logic of genre, from Horace Walpole to Charlotte Brontë"
  • Jennifer Hu: "The mathematics of meaning: A Bayesian approach to comparing the pragmatics of English and Chinese"

Jarvis and Yu Accepted to Phi Beta Kappa Junior 24

Congratulations to linguistics concentrators Becky Jarvis and Brian Yu, who have been accepted as part of the Junior 24 of Harvard's chapter of Phi Beta Kappa! The honors society Phi Beta Kappa accepts students with outstanding scholarly achievement, showing both depth of study and breadth of intellectual interest. Well done, Becky and Brian!

Harvard at WCCFL

Lena Borise presented her work titled "Pretonic prominence and vowel neutralization: evidence from Aŭciuki Belarusian" at the 36th annual West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics (WCCFL), held April 20-22 at UCLA. 

Thesis Defense

Gašper Beguš
Unnatural phonology: A synchrony-diachrony interface approach
Friday, April 27 | 2pm | Boylston 105


Gunnar Lund
Friday, April 27th | 12pm | Boylston 303

GSAS Indo-European and Historical Linguistics Workshop

Thórhallur Eythórsson (University of Iceland)
Arguments in a cold climate: Stability and change in Icelandic weather verbs
Friday, April 27th | 5pm | Boylston 335 

XIII Annual Whatmough Lecture

Claire Bowern (Yale University)
The Mysterious Taensa Grammar: Imaginitive Fiction or Poor Description?
Monday, April 30th | 4pm | Sever 113