Week of February 6, 2017

Upcoming Department Talks, Spring 2017

Julie Legate (University of Pennsylvania)
March 3 @ 3:30
Title and location tba

Lisa Cheng (Leiden University, Holland)
March 10 @ 3:30
Title and location tba

Jonathan Bobaljik (University of Connecticut)
March 24 @ 3:30
Title and location tba

Hamida Demirdache (University of Nantes, France)
March 31 @ 3:30
Title and location tba

Susi Wurmbrand (University of Connecticut)
April 7 @ 3:30
Title and location tba

 Language Universals Workshop 

Marie Coppola (UConn)
Words, language, communication, and interaction: Insights from child and adult homesign systems
Friday, February 10 | 3:30pm | Boylston 105 (subject to change)


Yujing Huang
Re-examining the binding conditions of Mandarin anaphor ziji in the light of inanimacy
Friday, February 10 | 12pm | Boylston 303

Harvard at BLS

The following Harvard presenters were featured at the 43rd Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Linguistic Society (BLS) that took place at UC Berkeley, in Berkeley, California, February 3-5.

  • Laine Stranahan - "Cognitive load impairs semantic and pragmatic processing of scalar quantifiers" with Qingqing Wu and Jesse Snedeker
  • Gašper Beguš - "Gradient Phonotactics against Naturalness"