Week of January 8th

Harvard at LSA

The following Harvard students and faculty presented their work at the Linguistic Society of America's annual meeting, held in Salt Lake City, Utah, from January 4th-7th:

  • Gunnar Lund: Concessive adverbial clauses and even
  • Jennifer Hu: A graph-theoretic approach to comparing typologies in Parallel OT and Harmonic Serialism
  • Gašper Beguš: Disambiguating analytic and channel bias with unnatural alternations
  • Anna Alsop, Elaine Stranahan, and Kathryn Davidson: Testing contrastive inferences from suprasegmental features using offline measures
  • Zuzanna Fuchs (with Jenneke van der Wal): Bantu DP structure: A little n analysis of gender 

harvard at lsa

Left to right: Brian Joseph, Alice Harris, Gašper Beguš, Aleksei Nazarov, Anna Alsop, Jennifer Hu, Ellen Kaisse, Corinna Kauf, and Zuzanna Fuchs. Not pictured: Gunnar Lund, Gregory Scontras. 

Fuchs, Scontras & Polinsky's article appears in Glossa

Gregory Scontras, Maria Polinsky, and Zuzanna Fuchs's article In support of representational economy: Agreement in heritage Spanish has been published in Glossa 3(1), 1. 

Harvard Welcomes Dr. Diti Bhadra

We are delighted to announce that Dr. Diti Bhadra will join the department in the spring 2018 term as a Lecturer.

Diti is a recent Ph.D. from Rutgers University and currently a Lecturer at Princeton and Rutgers. She works primarily on questions and evidentials, with emphasis on South Asian languages. She will be teaching Linguistics 101 (The Science of Language: An Introduction) and Linguistics 117r (Field Methods). We very much look forward to Diti’s contributions to the department’s life.