June Update

Rothstein-Dowden Wins Bowdoin Greek Prize

Congratulations to Zach Rothstein-Dowden, who has won the Bowdoin Prize for Graduate Essay in Greek, with his work entitled "Encomium of Ludwig van Beethoven". 


Fellner Wins START Prize

Congratulations to Hannes Fellner, an alumnus of this department (PhD 2013), who has recently been awarded the START Prize, the most prestigious and highest-endowed grant for young researchers in Austria. The title of his project is "The Characters that Shaped the Silk Road: A Database and Digital Paleography of Tarim Brahmi". 



Harvard at TEAL-11

The following talks featured Harvard presenters at the International Workshop on Theoretical East Asian Linguistics, which took place at Academia Sinica in Taipei, Taiwan, on June 3-4:

 Yuyin He: A Glimpse of Mandarin Obligatory Control.

Professor C.-T. James Huang: On Finiteness and the Architecture of Complements in Verbal and Nominal Domains.


Harvard at CLS 53

Gašper Beguš presented his work titled "Historical Probabilities of Alternations" at the 53rd meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society, which took place in Chicago from May 25th-27th.


Harvard at ECIEC 36

The following talks featured Harvard presenters at the 36th East Coast Indo-European Conference, which took place at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, from June 2-4:

Julia Sturm:  *w > h in Attic Greek.

Professor Jay Jasanoff:  Palatable Thorns. 


Ahn's Article in The Linguistic Review

Dorothy Ahn's article "Measure constructions with relative measures: Towards a syntax of non-conservative construals" (written with Uli Sauerland) has been published in The Linguistic Review.