Week of March 12th

Spring Break

From March 12th-March 16th, classes will not be held.

Bottoms, Fuchs, González, Höfler, Klapheke, and Sturm Win Teaching Awards

Andrew Bottoms, Zuzanna Fuchs, Aurore González, Alex Klapheke, and Julia Sturm, TFs, and Stefan Höfler, College Fellow, have received Harvard University Certificates of Distinction in Teaching from the Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning for teaching the following courses during the 2017 Fall semester: 

  • Andrew Bottoms: Ling 73A, Beginning American Sign Language I, and Ling 73C, Beginning American Sign Language III
  • Zuzanna Fuchs: Ling 83, Language, Structure, and Cognition
  • Aurore González: Ling 83, Language, Structure, and Cognition
  • Stefan Höfler: Ling 104, Word Structure
  • Alex Klapheke: Ling 104, Word Structure
  • Julia Sturm: Ling 107, Introduction to Historical Linguistics