Week of November 13th

Welcome to Incoming Fellow!

The department welcomes Fellow Matilde Serangeli (Copenhagen University).

GSAS Indo-European and Historical Linguistics Workshop

There will be two talks this week by José-Luis García Ramón (University of Cologne):

From the files of a new Mycenaean grammar
Monday, November 13th | 5pm | Boylston 237

Ancient Greek anthroponymy, phraseology, and Indo-European phraseology
Tuesday, November 14th | 6pm | Boylston 335

Meaning and Modality Lab Meeting

Emar Maier (University of Groningen)
(Un)quotation and Attraction in Role Shift and Free Indirect Discourse
Friday, November 17th | 10:30am | 2 Arrow Street, Room 420


Tiffany Yang 
On labeling Chinese sentences 
Friday, November 17th | 12pm | Boylston 335

Language Universals Workshop 

Valentine Hacquard (University of Maryland)
Learning what 'must' and 'can' must and can mean
Friday, November 17th | 3:30pm | Boylston 105