Week of October 8, 2018


Fall 2018 Linguistics Open House

The Harvard Department of Linguistics will be holding its fall 2018 open house on October 23, 2018 at 5-7pm, on the third floor of Boylston Hall.  Open to faculty, graduate students, concentrators, and undergraduates with interest in linguistics.


Harvard at NELS49

Aurore Gonzalez presented "Answering negative questions in American Sign Language", join work with Kate Henninger and Kate Davidson, at NELS49.  Held at Cornell University, in Ithaca NY, October 5-7 2018.


GSAS Indo-European and Historical Linguistics Workshop

Ian Kirby (Harvard University) 

"The diachronic syntax of English either...or and neither...nor"

Friday, October 12 | 5pm | Boylston 335


Meaning and Modality Lab Meeting

Shannon Bryant (Harvard University)

"Reanalyzing English rise-fall-rise: On the interpreting of intonation within the information structure of a discourse (in-progress research)"

Friday, October 12 | 12-1:30 pm | 2 Arrow St, Room 420