Week of September 27

Harvard at SinFonIJA 14

The 14th Syntax, Phonology and Language Analysis conference (SinFonIJA 14), held virtually by the University of Novi Sad in Serbia  on September 22-24, featured the following presentations from Harvard Linguistics:

  • Niels Torben Kuehlert: "On Non-Adjacent Allomorphy: Evaluating Predictions from Nanosyntax"
  • Hayley Ross: "Implications of the Danish definiteness alternation for concord in Nanosyntax" (poster)

SinFonIJA also featured talks from our alumni:

  • Dorothy Ahn (PhD '19): "Indirectly direct: an account of demonstratives" (plenary talk)
  • Lena Borise (PhD '19): "Phrasal coordination is dependent on overt conjunctions: evidence from Khanty" (with Katalin É. Kiss)