Extra Funding

Experimental Research Funds in Linguistics

Graduate students in the Department of Linguistics can apply for a grant from the experimental research fund.  These grants are intended to cover expenses that are related to experimental research.  They can be used to pay participants, for research assistants, to purchase materials and supplies, and to pay for software or equipment that is not otherwise available on campus.  These funds are not to be used to cover expenses related to conference travel.

Graduate students can receive up to a total of $1,000 in grant funding over the course of their graduate studies at Harvard in the Department of Linguistics.  These funds are dispersed in one of two manners:

  • the student may pay for their expenses, get receipts, and be reimbursed;


  • they may apply for a fellowship to receive the funds up front.  Fellowships are paid as taxable income to the student.

To apply for these funds students should submit a brief description of the project and a budget, approved by their dissertation chair and forwarded to the department administrator.

Linguistics Conference Funding

The Department of Linguistics offers conference funding to graduate students who attend conferences where they present a paper or a poster.   The faculty review and vote on whether or not to fund the application.  Students have up to $1,000 to spend on one or more conferences throughout the academic year (7/1/20XX – 6/30/20XX).  These funds are disbursed only after the trip has been completed.  To apply for these funds students should complete an application, attach original receipts and the program with the students name and title of the paper or poster presented, and give those to the department administrator.