Financial Aid

Incoming graduate students in Linguistics receive a five-year support package, either from GSAS, an outside funding source (e.g., the National Science Foundation), or a combination of the two. The standard GSAS package provides sufficient funds to make teaching unnecessary in the first and second years.  Support in the third and fourth years takes the form of teaching fellowships.

The department regards teaching as an essential part of the Ph.D. program. Courses open to participation by Teaching Fellows include undergraduate tutorials, beginning-level linguistic theory courses, and large-enrollment undergraduate courses. Full support is provided in the dissertation-completion year as well, freeing the student of teaching obligations. Stipends are provided for summer research in the first four years. 

Additional inquiries regarding financial aid may be directed to:

Office of Financial Aid

1350 Massachusetts Avenue
Smith Campus Center 350
Cambridge, MA 02138-3654
telephone: 617-495-5396

The Office of Financial Aid is open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.–5 pm, EST.